I’m in a bad place

On Mother’s Day I hurt my back, yet again. I decided I should probably get a mri this time since it was worse than the other times. Sadly the mri showed 2 bulging discs, degeneration in those joints and some other issues. I am on leave until June 1st and I am going insane. I’mContinue reading “I’m in a bad place”

Taking a break

I took a break from painting and had some crazy things go on the last part of March. On the 27th o totaled my car at work, on work time. Since then I’ve been in a daze…..it made my trauma response come on and I shut down…. I ended up getting a new car andContinue reading “Taking a break”

My fuzzy best friend

My fuzzy best friend had surgery on February 25th. He had his knee worked on for his patella. He can’t jump,climb,run, or go up/down stairs. We’ve been keeping him hopped up on pain meds and anti-anxiety meds so he is calm. We’ve all taken turns sitting with him and making sure he gets enough love.Continue reading “My fuzzy best friend”

Thanksgiving 2020

Of course thanksgiving this year was not the normal it usually is but nonetheless we had a good day! We started with brunch and ended with pulled pork, deviled eggs, veggies and ranch, cranberry celebration salad and hot apple cider. I had to snap a selfie with my favorite girl!

Exhausted Optician

I call this one “Portrait of an exhausted optician” Work has been rough. We’ve been short staffed and busy. I’ve also been working in the lab due to being short staffed in there also and did I mention I was going for lab manager too? I love working hard but man is this mama exhausted….coffeeContinue reading “Exhausted Optician”