Let’s talk self care!

I suck at self care. Usually I’m in the throes of a migraine when I realize I need to treat myself to some tlc…..well today was that day! So I washed my face with my favorite cleanser and did my favorite bubble mask with my kiddo!! Being a celiac lady I need all of myContinue reading “Let’s talk self care!”

Sandra’s story

These results have really amazed me. I have been dealing with Rosacea for quite some time 😩 and spent lots of $$$$ on going to a dermatologist every month.. (that I have not been back to in several months ) I was really scared to try anything else and at my giving up point andContinue reading “Sandra’s story”

It’s Facial Friday!!

It’s FACIAL FRIDAY!! Step 1: Easy going cleanserStep 2: Crystal ball microdermabrasion treatmentStep 3: Saving Face maskStep 4: TonerStep 5: Drama free for Addisons pimplesStep 6: Moisturizer Who wants to do facial Friday with us next?? Drop a comment and we will get it set up!