Happy new year! Yup! I’m late on that but it’s truly my authentic self 😁 I hope everyone is having a great 2021 so far! Work has been INSANE. My boss was out all of December so that means that I worked non-stop and barely had time to think let alone paint or write. I’mContinue reading “2021”

Thanksgiving 2020

Of course thanksgiving this year was not the normal it usually is but nonetheless we had a good day! We started with brunch and ended with pulled pork, deviled eggs, veggies and ranch, cranberry celebration salad and hot apple cider. I had to snap a selfie with my favorite girl!

Sandra’s story

These results have really amazed me. I have been dealing with Rosacea for quite some time 😩 and spent lots of $$$$ on going to a dermatologist every month.. (that I have not been back to in several months ) I was really scared to try anything else and at my giving up point andContinue reading “Sandra’s story”

Milestone Moments

Last week I hit 2 HUGE milestones in my life! I hit 19 months sober which is so big for me! For as long as I can remember I’ve always coped with stress from work,anxiety and other life issues, through drinking. I’d come home, pour a glass of rum/vodka on the rocks and “relax”(or soContinue reading “Milestone Moments”

Gluten Free Potato Soup

As always, you can interchange the gluten free ingredients with those that contain gluten 🙂 GLUTEN FREE POTATO SOUP Ingredients  8-10 Red skin potatoes (sliced) 1 packet country gravy mix 1 medium onion(chopped) 1lb bacon cut into bite sized pieces  4 cups chicken broth or stock 1Qt heavy whipping cream  ¼ cup roasted garlic(or lessContinue reading “Gluten Free Potato Soup”