Let’s talk self care!

I suck at self care. Usually I’m in the throes of a migraine when I realize I need to treat myself to some tlc…..well today was that day! So I washed my face with my favorite cleanser and did my favorite bubble mask with my kiddo!! Being a celiac lady I need all of myContinue reading “Let’s talk self care!”

The Elements collection and how it came about

In this collection I thought it would be fun to do a play on the elements I love the most! Fishing, the beach, summer, gardening, playing in the sun, nature…..Those are some of my favorite things to be around. And this collection touches on those a bit FIRE: To keep you warm and help youContinue reading “The Elements collection and how it came about”

I took the leap!!

I finally went out of my comfort zone and opened up an Etsy shop! I’ll make custom pieces for anyone who would love some art! Thank you all who have supported me on this journey! It means the world to me https://etsy.me/3rLhaTD

A little fire for the morning

I was asked to do a few pieces of art for my cousins studio and I knew I wanted to do some elements but wasn’t sure how I was going to do them. I tried a new technique and hated it. It just didn’t feel right or feel like my work. So I just wentContinue reading “A little fire for the morning”

My fuzzy best friend

My fuzzy best friend had surgery on February 25th. He had his knee worked on for his patella. He can’t jump,climb,run, or go up/down stairs. We’ve been keeping him hopped up on pain meds and anti-anxiety meds so he is calm. We’ve all taken turns sitting with him and making sure he gets enough love.Continue reading “My fuzzy best friend”

Art is subjective, right?

I believe that art can come in many forms. It can be music, paints,photos, tattoos, sketches, pieces of iron….it can also come in the form of food!! I’ve been cooking for about 28 years and I think food is beautiful, artsy and phenomenal. The whole that the seasonings come together to make a great tastingContinue reading “Art is subjective, right?”

Pigs,frogs,birds and ducks…..oh my!

We have a family of 5 living in our basement so that brings the total of adults to 4 and kids 4 also! We have 10yr old girl, 3yr old girl, 6 yr old boy and a 11yr old boy! I irritated a disk in my back(that was previously hurt yesterday so I’ve been couchContinue reading “Pigs,frogs,birds and ducks…..oh my!”

Mental health and caterpillars

Why is it when we make goals, sometimes the universe says “ummmmm you need to tackle this first”? Well, this is what happened to me. I set an ambitious goal to paint/sketch every day in February and my mental health said “NO!” I’ve been battling mental health and I think we are in the upswingContinue reading “Mental health and caterpillars”