Here is my first oil painting! Not sure about oils yet but I need to play with them a few more times

My first commissioned piece!

A friend reached out and wanted a piece done like a day at the beach but wanted turtles added to it. The base of it was easy but those turtles scared me! I had never attempted to paint any and I just went at it. Looked at a couple pictures I found on google and practiced on another piece. The piece I practiced on is an old wooden cutting board I sanded down and put gesso on. It came in handy and I had the extra “sand” to use.

Commission piece
The wooden cutting board

The night is dark and gritty

New piece that I worked on. “The night is dark and gritty” was my idea of the night when things get rough. When there is something lurking in the shadows. I used acrylic paints, molding paste and course medium to make this look dark and gritty

The night is dark and gritty


I’ve gotten into abstract a little more and found that I am happier when I do that instead of trying to be realistic every single time .

This is the first time I’ve used mediums to make them look different. I used modeling paint and course texture medium to see what would happen. And this is how it turned out…..

Photo dump!

Here are some photographs I’ve snapped recently

Yawn! My dads cat Tux!
Lucy! My brothers dog, Lucy!
My pathetic dog, Thor. He was not happy he got a bath
My snuggle buddy, Unu
My sweet girl and the ball she got at the Kansas City royals game
My daddy on Father’s Day! I am blessed to have a dad the stepped up and took care of me when my birth father couldn’t

It’s been a rough few weeks

I haven’t been an art mood lately due to a lot of personal issues. Yesterday was the first day I picked up my supplies and what flowed out of me was moody. I used dark colors and just painted.

This piece is called disconnected

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