Middle school straight ahead!

My sweet girl finished 5th grade last week! Here is the obligatory 1st vs last day of 5th grade. She has grown so much over the last school year! Onto middle school we go! Here are a couple pictures I snapped 🙂

Butterfly in motion

What started out as a flower in my head turned into a blob of ick. This morning I took a fresh look at it and saw this…..here is the progression

Flower of ick
Beginning of flight
Butterfly in motion

I’m in a bad place

On Mother’s Day I hurt my back, yet again. I decided I should probably get a mri this time since it was worse than the other times. Sadly the mri showed 2 bulging discs, degeneration in those joints and some other issues. I am on leave until June 1st and I am going insane. I’m a routine person and when I am out of it, it messes with me.

My therapist and I had a good conversation today and I feel a lot better. I decided to break the paints out and see if something would come of it. I even invested in some better brushes to make sure I am doing my best…..here is what I have put on canvas so far….


My story is being shared!!!

The company I work for has decided to share a my story. While this isn’t the full version this is a good portion of it!

Taking a break

I took a break from painting and had some crazy things go on the last part of March. On the 27th o totaled my car at work, on work time. Since then I’ve been in a daze…..it made my trauma response come on and I shut down….

I ended up getting a new car and new phone(it was upgrading time) so I have been able to dive back into photography a bit….here are a few pictures I’ve taken along with some cool glasses I’ve been able to tint.

As always leave any comments and advice you may have?

Boy in the hood
My best friend,Thor
Guess Barbie sunglasses
Purple rain
Green with envy

The color purple

Custom tints have become my new obsession….

I’m learning something new every day and I can’t be happier!

Last week my team didn’t slip below #15….

This week we have held steady at #10!!

I am excited for this journey!

#opticallife #weareeyemart #tinting

The color purple
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