Gluten Free Pork Ramen

Ramen broth/noodles 

2 containers bone broth(we used Walmart’s organic gluten free) 

1 container ramen broth(gluten free) 

4 pork rib ends(chicken and beef can be used too) 

Smoked pork neck bones(optional) 

Shiitake mushrooms(sliced thin)

Rice wine vinegar

Green onions(sliced thin)

Ginger(peeled and cut into slices)

Garlic(4-5 cloves peeled and sliced) 

Gluten free soy sauce

3-6 hard/soft boiled eggs 

In a large pan heat a few teaspoons of sesame oil and olive oil over medium heat. Add pork rib ends and brown on all sides. Add garlic and ginger to the pan and cook for a few minutes. Add neck bones(or any bones you have) to the pan. Add all of the broth in at one time. Add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar(vinegar helps cut the richness of the broth a bit but it’s totally optional)

Simmer broth for as long as you can to get the maximum flavor from broth(3-6 hours is the best). Remove all meat from the broth and cut into bite sized pieces, making sure all bones are out of the broth(don’t want any choking). Add ramen noodles, and shiitake mushrooms until they are cooked to your desired taste. 

Add broth and noodles to your  bowl! Garnish with more mushrooms,egg,green onions and anything else you would like! 

You can use this recipe for any protein that you would like. Make sure to taste your broth as you go so that you can adjust the seasoning to your liking 

Gluten Free Pork Ramen

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